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2024 Workshops

July 14 from 1:00-4:15 PM at Inn Along the Way at Chapman Farm in Damariscotta, ME. This workshop is free and requires registration. To sign up, email or call 207.682.0118


September 15 in Portsmouth, NH. Details coming soon.


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Death Wings: A Hands-on Creative Ritual for Remembering and Letting Go. This workshop is a three-hour session for gathering in a small group, gently opening up to some thoughts and feelings about loss and grief, engaging in a simple art project (no experience necessary, please watch this video for a preview), and then optional sharing of reflections/stories about what emerges for you and the group through the process.

In a society that feeds and profits on our fear of death, we feel a dearth of public rituals that not only normalize loss but actually celebrate what letting go liberates in us. We want to share and co-create a version of Grand’s ritual with you by making sets of mini-wings in community.


We’re embracing the widest possible definition of death, in that any important life transition is potentially coupled with some loss and grief. Here are some examples of how you might focus your set of mini-wings:


  • honor and memorialize someone who has died or is in the process of dying (like Bess’ wings for her father)

  • honor and process a significant change in a relationship, job, home, etc. (maybe a divorce or kid leaving home, etc.)

  • mourn and amplify an important issue or problem (COVID-19, climate catastrophe, racial violence and injustice, erosion of reproductive rights, etc.)


Photo by Molly Haley

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