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Death Wings Project is an artist-centered endeavor designed to consciously promote relational collaboration, non-hierarchical structure, creative nurturing and nourishment, risk-taking, experimentation, and flexibility. We are using this project to live into our shared values of eschewing scarcity mindset and disrupting long-standing practices in art-making (particularly in theater production) that require exploitation and exhaustion in order to “make the numbers work.” Our work is predicated on and guided by our individual Artist Terms of Engagement Manifestos – a concept borrowed from Boston-based actor/director Tonasia Jones. Every member of our team articulates their needs and goals for participating in the Project by answering the questions: 1) What conditions must be in place in order for me to do my best work? And 2) How will I be developing my own artistry through this project? We will use our responses to hold ourselves and each other accountable as we create and learn together.

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